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Rules and Customs of the Arlington Baths Club

Our first rule is courtesy at all times. The club has evolved practical and unique customs over the last 150 years to suit the members and a complex building. There are many different ways to enjoy the facilities. Take time to try them out in different ways. Members will happily discuss their own routines. If in doubt ask a member of the lifeguard team.


When you arrive, you should first go to the Office, to your right. Sign in by showing the lifeguard your membership card. You will be given a towel and sheet, so there is no need to bring your own. You can leave your swimming costume at the baths, which must have your membership number on the label, where it will be laundered and available for collection from a hook matching your membership number. There are small lockers available in the Office to store valuables.


Apart from in the Foyer, Lounge and Office you should remove your outdoor footwear and leave them along with your coat in the Slipper Room, where you will also find lockers and space to store indoor shoes in the slot matching your membership number.


You have a choice of changing rooms on the ground floor. There are Senior Changing Rooms at the middle of the Pond with hairdryers, mirrors and hooks to store your clothes. There are also Family Changing Cubicles on the west side of the Pond. You can also change in the Cooling Room dependant on the day.

Please do not enter the Pond or use any of the facilities without first having a shower. The showers are located at either end of the Pond and in the Turkish Suite. Please towel dry before entering the changing rooms.


You can change for the gym in the Upstairs Changing Room depending on the day or downstairs. If the upstairs changing is allocated to the opposite sex, the nearest changing area is in the Senior Changing Rooms beside to the Pond. There is an adjacent stairway giving easy access to the gym and weights room.


Our custom is to wait for a lane to be free. Don't swim underneath the trapeze or rings when they are in use.


Members and lifeguards are happy to show you how to use the trapeze and rings. If you use the trapeze be considerate of other Pond users.


Families have been members for generations and often bring their own children at the weekend. Children may be more exuberant than adults but are also expected to learn consideration for other members and should be under control of adults at all times. Lifeguards are not expected to supervise children. Saturday and Sunday mornings are traditional times to meet and share the Baths with other families.


The Turkish Suite, Steam Room and associated showers can be mixed or for gendered use depending on the day. Note the signs at the entrance beside the Slipper Room and the corner of the Pond. Please dress and behave accordingly. The Cooling Room is the most convenient area for changing but you have access to the Senior Changing Rooms as well.


We have a custom of silence in the main Turkish room but there is often conversation in the inner Turkish room.


The Cooling Room is never mixed. The Cooling Room can be used by men all day on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and Saturdays after 2pm. The second cooling room, accessed from the Pond side, is available when the main Cooling Room is allocated to the opposite sex. The Cooling Room is for relaxing,  use it to bring your temperature back to normal whilst reading the daily newspapers. Quiet conversation is the norm but optional. Don't be offended if the person you are chatting to nods off.


When you are ready to leave the club, please deposit your towel and sheet in the baskets situated in the Pond Hall, by the Turkish Suite, Slipper Room or changing areas. The smaller baskets are for your costume. It will be laundered and waiting on your numbered hook the next time you visit.


Members use the Lounge to relax and for quiet conversation. The bar is not normally staffed, however a member of the lifeguard team will be happy to serve drinks or a snack on request. Wifi is also available for club members.


Members of the Baths can bring guests – up to four can be signed in by an individual member, the cost of signing a non-member into the Baths is £5 (£3.50 per child). All guests being signed in must complete a health form in the Office. The same guest cannot be signed in more than once in any two month period and must remain under the supervision of the member for the duration of their visit.

Enjoy the Baths with consideration for all members

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Keeping in Touch

We send members Arlington Update emails - don’t worry you won’t be pestered, we only send important news about the club.

In turn you can email the club, use the suggestion box in the Lounge, call or pop in to see our General Manager. Please also check the notice boards when you arrive. We post almost every day on Facebook  and Twitter .

Our history blog  by volunteer members provides a fascinating insight into 150 years of the Baths.

Last but not least, speak to our life guards who will always do their best to help.


We have a range of high quality fair trade cotton screen printed bags with a specially commissioned design by an artist member:

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All available from the Office.

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2019 Annual Report

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